Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Year in Review

Dear Family and Friends,
Happy New Year!   If we are not seeing you in person this holiday season we hope you have a beautiful and blessed time.  Also, know you are on our minds and in our hearts.  This year has been one of a lot of exciting changes for us and we thought it might even be worthy of an update to let you know all that has been going on.
                This Valentine’s Day was a significant one for our family as it was the residency match day for all DO students.   We found out officially that student DrOgg would have the opportunity to make his dream of being an orthopedic surgeon come true.  We also found out that he would be doing this back in Erie, PA which meant we would be living there for at least 5 years. MrsOgg immediately started planning the upcoming move and we debated whether we should buy a home in Erie or look for a rental.   Of course our hope was to move into our first house but, unsure if we could afford it we began exploring our options.
In April we found out the great news that a 3 bedroom home had come available through the hospital’s resident’s rental program and we were at the top of the list.  Since this was the most affordable way we knew to a nice house we hurried up to Erie to take a look.  After 5 years in all kinds of apartments this little ranch with a big yard in a quiet neighborhood was a dream come true. 
 We signed the lease and made plans to move to Erie as soon as possible.  On March 15th we moved into our first house and even though it was 10 pm when we finally arrived (through a snowstorm) DrOgg and Ogglet couldn’t help but run around playing and exploring all the space we would be blessed with for the next five years.  Though MrsOgg loved everything she especially couldn’t be happier with her new kitchen that boasts a dishwasher and just about 3 times the space of our previous tiny kitchen.

After settling in for almost two months the day we all had been waiting for finally came:  graduation day!  On May 29th our student doctor officially became Dr. Ogg and the first leg of his long journey to becoming an orthopedic surgeon was completed.  What a proud day it was for everyone!  Seeing Dr Ogg walk across that stage and knowing all the hard work and sacrifice that had led up to it was wonderful.  We celebrated with some family and food.  We even got to enjoy our yard and patio out back since our central air decided to conk out the day of the party.  But, in spite of the heat,  it was a wonderful weekend of celebration and of course time with our family.
Not soon after graduation we found out the most wonderful news of the whole year, we are having another baby!  So, the past seven months have been full of adjustments and challenges.  For DrOgg learning the ropes of his first year of residency and of course for MrsOgg caring for an active toddler while pregnant have been challenging to say the least.  And of course Ogglet turned two this October.  We have been surprised daily her amazing growth and learning these past months.  Not only is she talking more than ever but, she likes to put together puzzles, learn her alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  Basically anything we can teach her she is willing and eager to learn which makes all the “terrible” parts of being two not seem so bad. 
All in all it’s been a pretty amazing year.  Of course now we are trying to finish last minute preparations for the new baby girl and hope to enjoy our last 6 months with daddy before he has to start his rotations at out-of-town hospitals.  In spite of all this joy and the blessings we’ve been given we have already learned and will probably continue to discover that these last 5 years of DrOgg’s training are going to be the most trying.  Please keep us in your hearts and your prayers that we will be able to make the most of these years and stay strong in the Lord and close as a family.  Thanks for all of your support in small and big ways that helped us to get this far.

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  1. even though I have been tracking with you through it all it was nice to hear it again from your perspective. thanks Elizabeth. from your mom.