Thursday, December 15, 2011


I will admit I am lucky.  I have what my mom would refer to as a "trick baby."  That's the kind that are so good and sweet that they trick you into thinking it would be easy to have another. ;-)  Of course we've had our challenges along the way but, all things considered our Ogglet has been a pretty easy baby.  Even now as she enters the terrible two's she manages to balance out her angry fits and loud "NO!'s with many many more sweet and totally amazing moments.  I can't believe how fast she is learning EVERYTHING and I suspect at this rate she may surpass DrOgg and I by the 3rd grade.  Of course this time-frame may be overly generous (to us).
Something happened today that I'm not sure whether to place it the terrible category or the's kind of a mix for me.  After every meal I wipe Ogglet's hands off with a wet wash cloth.  Since she often finishes after me she will call out to me (wherever I am in the kitchen, etc) and say "Mommy, done."  Or "Mommy, hands!"  So I can come wipe her face/hands and get her out of her highchair.  The last few days she has been asking for me to wipe her hands after one dish before starting another.  For example...she wants mommy to wipe of the egg yolk before she can eat her orange.  So, that is what happened today.  I served her an egg that had a slight bit of runny yolk still in it and she was asking me to wipe her hands before she would even touch her orange (her total fave food right now).  I said what I've been saying, no and explained again to her that I would wipe her hands when she was totally done with the entire meal.  Anyways...she had already eaten a whole egg and two pieces of toast so when she didn't eat the orange set in front of her I figured she was full.  Then she set the orange aside--kind of a nonverbal cue she does when she doesn't want or is done with something.  I wiped her hands and was ready to take her out of the high chair and she grabbed the oranges again and started eating them!  She tricked me!!  I was really surprised because up until now the Ogglet has never lied to me.  Admittedly this was more of an indirect deception but, I can't believe she did it.  And now what kind of prissy ritual are we starting?  Am I to be wiping her hands between each course?  Argh....I'm not letting her trick me again!

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