Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Secret

There's good news and there's not so good news. The good news is that at our weekly training the Sales Director taught us that there are two main things we need to become a sales director! So, I was thinking, Finally, the secret.... and she says it is commitment and time management. So simple; I love it! So that's the good news. Simple is good, right? We can do that. And commitment....I'm there. The not so good news is that time management is probably one of my greatest "opportunities for improvement." Now, she did share a few suggestions for time management. But, this is not enough for the barely reformed from constantly being late, often procrastinating, lose track of time all the time, and ADHD diagnosed me. Since I am so committed to this goal however, I got to work on it right away. Funny thing I discovered is that Mary Kay has a ton of tools to help us with time management! I suppose I had a vague idea of this when I was goofing off the last five years and not taking my business very seriously. So now things are going much better. I use a Weekly Plan Sheet that allows me to plan my entire week out and share it with Mr Ogg so he knows what's happening as well. Even better they have these Daily Action Sheets that include a Six Most Important Things To Do list for personal and MK for that day. Plus it has an hourly break down of your day's schedule....call tracking...list of errands....It has EVERYTHING (except your grocery list) right there at a glance. What I'm discovering is that if I do this daily--writing it out the night before and looking at it with my coffee in the morning--I can actually feel sane. Imagine that! So if you are not real time or task oriented...or even if you are and you just want to get more done....I highly recommend this. So along with my commitment, some of these newfound tools and some extra self-discipline I do hope for the seemingly impossible: that an effecient, more productive and punctual me might yet emerge!

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