Friday, August 13, 2010

The Routine of Life Sets In (I hope!)

Why is getting out of bed so hard? Mary Kay makes it sound so great when she talks about the 5 o'clock club! And yet, it is hard. She says, "Get out of bed anyway!" My hasband says, "Just do it!" Honestly? At this point I would be happy just to join the 6 or 7 o'clock club. Annabel doesn't wake up until 8 or 8:30 and I am often tempted to stay in bed until the last possible moment. And I really hope someone reading this can relate....that I'm not the only person who has struggled with this. Even stranger to me is that I think my ability to wake early has actually declined. While staying home with Annabel has been an irreplaceable experience and I love every has made me soft in some ways. I no longer have to wake up for anything. So it comes back to self-discipline. And I just know that I do so much better at following through when I have someone to be accountable too. It's easy to change my mind when I am the only one who knows my resolution but, I hate to let others down. So the plan is to wake up two hours earlier at 6 am. This means I need to be in bed by 10. Upon waking I will accomplish the three basic things I need to do every day but, are hard to do when Annabel is up. FIrst I will clean around the house for a half hour. Then I will excercise for a half hour or so. Last, I will shower and dress for the day. This leaves me the rest of the day to work on other tasks and goals in between taking care of Annabel. What I've noticed is that if I put these things off I just spend the rest of the day trying to accomplish these three basic things often leaveing little to no time for other things like MK!!! So starting this week I am going to work on my sleep/wake routine.

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