Monday, September 12, 2011

German Festival Rocks

This is coming a little late but, my mom came to visit us over the Labor Day weekend. Origonally my mom had wanted to go up to the Chataqua Institute for the day but, then we discovered that the summer season had ended which really limits the activities available. That paired with the constant drizzle made us consider other options. Luckily while searching around the net I stumbled upon this German Festival There were plenty of eating areas under tents and shelters along with surprisingly entertaining band and dancers in the main tent so the drizzle didn't dampen our spirits in the least. It was a $5 admission for both adults but, the ogglet was free. This turned out to be totally worth it because they had a great petting zoo and a few jump castles and slides at no extra charge. First we just did a little walk to see what was what and it wasn't huge but, somehow we still mananged to stay for almost 3 hours. There were several food vendors to choose from but, we were super hungry and wanted to test some authentic german eats. I was a little incredulous when I saw the biggest selection of german cuisine was offered by Sabella's but, we ordered the Oktoberfest Platter and took a chance. It was really worth it and between the three of us devoured all but a few bites. It came with two different types of sausage, wienershnitzel, green beans, potatos, pumpernickel rolls, some kind of pasta?, roast beef and potato cakes. The last two were my favorite. Besides the not so cheap but, yummy food the "free" entertainment was way better than I had hoped for. They had a live band and a huge dance floor. Of course there was lots of polka but, there were proffessional dancers doing traditional german dances which kept the Ogglette mesmerized.

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