Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never Ending To Do List

I probably wouldn't get much done without a to do list so, I try to write one every day or so to keep track of things. It's strategically placed on a marker board above the table where we eat in the kitchen where it's hard to miss but, sometimes I strategically ignore it as well (hehe just being honest here). Below are some of the things I need to get done right now (and in the future) that seem to never make their way to the top of the list:

See the dentist (ugh)
Establish Pediatrician in Erie
Rearrange master bedroom
Weed our flower beds
Learn what all the flosers are in our flower beds

Get my MK business moving here in Erie
Sell items in our garage on Craigslist

Put a baby seat for Ogglette on our bike

Organize closets

Make our patio into an oasis of comfort

Paint our icky brown faded shutters

Make OggDefying look awesome

Get into a workout routine

Make peace with my ADHD

Take wallpaper down in kitchen and bath

Paint kitchen and bath an awesome color

Go back to school

Learn to paint

Become world famous portrait artist (just kidding)

Catch up on housework (haha)

Walk the Appalachian trail

Take a trip to Europe

Take Rob and the Ogglets to Korea

I used to really genuinely think that other people were out there tackling their lists with ease.
Now I'm learning that I'm not the only one and not to be so hard on myself and have come to realize sometimes it comes down to life stages. Take painting for example...I never have taken the time to do this though I've wanted to learn as long as I can remember. Today I talked to a friend who is a fine arts major with painting as her emphasis and found out she is doing about as much painting these days as I am--none. Raising babies and toddlers just doesn't allow a lot of quiet time for those types of artistic pursuits. But, I have no doubt that I will get to these someday (and other things too). Though my adhd might make it twice as hard to get daily tasks done I still do get things done. And one thing I am good at is not giving up. So this stuff will get done eventually (some sooner than others) and I know what you're thinking....go get Annabel a pediatrician first! So, I'm writing it on my official list right now (I promise). I'm curious how many of you have at least one of the exact same things on your never-ending to do.

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  1. Sometimes long range to do list has to become the Bucket List. I doubt I'll visit Antarctica, or get my pilot's license, or several other things that seem to reside on my to do list that should be recognized as not for real, just wanna's !!!