Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Working My Way Back to You...Erie (Part 1)

If you read my last post then you know we were preparing for our big move back to Erie. My husband's school is actually located here and we lived here for his first two years of Medical School. We enjoyed having some time back in my hometown and with family for about 20 mos and now we are back because this is where he will be completing his residency training for the next 5 years. Woo hoo!! It feels so good to be moving onto this next step in the process. Seeing him beginning training in his dream field is just the first fruit of our hard work and sacrifice.
Well, enough about Dr Ogg... I wanted to update on our move and how it went. Also, how life in Erie has seemed thus far. Interestingly, I did not live out my fears of being unprepared or not fulfilling my husband's expectations when preparing for the move. I will say however, it did not go smoothly or as I had hoped...at least not at first.
In the week leading up to our planned move date I wast on schedule and finishing the last packing while saving some things for the last day. DrOgg had the days leading up to the move off which made me rest easy as well. My rest was abruptly interrupted at 5:45 am 2 days before our planned move when DrOgg woke me saying that the weather was showing a snowstorm coming in and needed to get the truck loaded a day early in order to avoid the bad weather. Once I really woke up completely I said ok and we rushed to change the truck reservation and see if our guys could come a day early. Everything fell into place and by noon one guys was over with DrOgg loading the truck (the other couldn't get off until after 2). This sounds great until you consider that I still had an entire day of packing (together) planned!!! I was rushing around trying to pack our possessions while two guys in a "let's get it done!" mentality were trying to load everything out! I can't tell you how many times that day I wanted to cry; it was so stressful. I believed DrOgg's instincts were probably correct so, I did my best to just keep working and suck it up. The only saving grace in this situation was that my mom was able to take a day off of her job on short notice and come over to help with our 18 month old. She also managed to pack most of what was left in the kitchen. The guys were able to work steadily until about 2:30 and took a break for lunch then started again when the other one arrived. Poor guys didn't finish until the sun was going down around 6:30 or 7 pm. We were all exhausted.
That night we crashed at my folks then, rose early to get back at it. I think we had severely underestimated the amount of work to get done because about 5% of our stuff still was not packed. Thankfully my awesome aunt and another of Rob's friends came over that day. The guys loaded the rest of the stuff while my aunt and I worked on the last few items and packed the food. Finally we were packed around lunchtime...exhausted again. Rather than return to my parents we just set up our daughter's pack n play for her nap and we camped out on a blanket and rested while eating what was left in our fridge for lunch. My aunt came back back after our "nap-time" with much-needed coffee and pizza hut. She really saved us this day because she even stayed behind to finish the cleaning once we headed up to Erie.
By the time everything was said and done we got to our new house right after sunset of the second day. This was earlier than we had planned so we couldn't unload until the next day when our friends were planning to come over. "No problem" we thought, "we will just get our keys from the hospital and camp out with blankets." Unfortunately when we arrived at the hospital there had been some sort of mix up and no one knew where our keys were. They had to call the housing coordinator at home...and we finally got our keys about an hour after arriving. It didn't ruin our excitement though. Once we got inside Annabel woke up and DrOgg was chasing her around our empty house. We just couldn't help but feel that we had found our promised land. It felt so good to be in our first ever house :-)

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