Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Bling, 4" Stilletos and Even Bigger Dreams

Posing with my unit awards: Queen of Sharing (recruiting) and Miss Go-Give (my fave)

On my Left: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick our National Sales Director,

On my Right: Trish Goodin-Yard, my Senior Sales Director

Imagining myself in the Director Suit.

Waking up on my last day of what I know will be my first of many Mary Kay seminar experiences I am excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. I am also excited to finally hold my sweet little 10 month old, Annabel, and see my husband after 4 days away. But, I am also saddened. Sad to think of leaving this seemingly magical place. A place where I have a bond of sisterhood with almost 8,000 women. Women who I've never met before yet, I know their heart. Mary Kay women are a group of loving, hopeful, and positive women who are not afraid to take some risks to get what they need and want out of life. They're not afraid to just "throw their heart over the bar" and pursue their dreams. And I am excited that all of our little girl dreams can come true! That ordinary women can rise to the occasion in 2 million ways...all across the world. This experience gave me the big picture of how we are making a positive and often dramatic difference in the lives of Mary Kay consultants, their families' lives and of course in the lives of our wonderful customers. Oh, it's hard to leave this magical place that amazingly brings to life the dreams hidden in the heart of every woman. Those beautiful dreams that most of us have hidden so deep inside that we almost can't see or hear them anymore. And then, you join Mary Kay to make a few extra hundred a week or month. You begin to work: booking, selling, and maybe even decide to go to seminar... And suddenly you realize someone has heard your silent wishes and secret dreams. You are being treated like the star you always wished but, never thought you could be. You are being shown a vision bigger than you ever thought possible and you are inspired by the hope and courage and achievement of your sister consultants and directors. I know that God has given Mary Kay a beautiful purpose in this world. It's like they have special binoculars into our hearts...and do you know what's in there? There are days filled with the best girlfriends you could want, fun, education and support for becoming everything you've dreamed of, confetti, princess gowns, cirque du solei and Broadway-like performances every night, beautiful dresses, suits high heels and jewelry....I could go on. And in MK there is recognition for every effort whether small or monumental. Cool, huh? Basically, it's seminar. So, you can probably tell that I am excited and it's hard to really know what seminar is like until you go. My sales director has told me about it every year for the past five years and I didn't get it. If you've ever been to the Grand Canyon you will know what I am talking about. You can take pictures and try to describe it but, people just won't understand until they see it for themselves. So I hope you'll come next year and find your inspiration. My friend Kristen Joy said it the best, " I've learned three things at my first seminar: 1. My bling is not blingy enough, 2. My heels are not high enough, and 3. MY DREAMS ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH." So, now the real work begins, back at home. Booking, selling and recruiting to make my BIG dreams to come true. And that is what this blog is about. So follow along if you want to know what it takes to become a sales director because I intend to find out this year!

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