Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Very Beautiful Super-Hero Princess

If only we saw ourselves the way our little ones do.  Today my oldest told me that i'm a "very beautiful super-hero princess."  If that doesn't make a momma's heart swell then I don't know what does.  She loves me so much, no, she adores me.  At the still tender age of 3 I am just about her whole world at this moment.  If I thought on it more I would realize that from her perspective my awesomeness definitely doesn't stop there.  I am a magician who magically appears with just what she needs at the right moment. I am her biggest fan and cheerleader saying, "You can do it!" and "I'm so proud of you!."  I am, in her own words, her "best friend" who listens to all her little thoughts and fancies day (and night). I;m a shape-shifter who can turn into a pillow, a comfy chair, a jungle-gym or a bucking bronco at a moments notice. I know all the best songs and games and go to the coolest places like the playground and zoo.  I am her all-knowing and patient teacher of everything.  I am a super natural healer of minor boo-boos who can heal with my kiss.  I am the worlds best tucker-in-er and snuggle-er. I am the smartest, strongest, most beautiful woman in the world!
It's funny she never seems to remember when I've been impatient or I became so frustrated I yelled.  She doesn't seem to care that I'm a miserable failure at the housekeeping part of my job description.  She doesn't even realize how I've gotten about 50 pounds heavier since she was born (God bless her!).
Now, I'm not under the delusion that children are pure but, I do think that in their eyes we can see a little of how God sees us.  He like our children sees us at our worst and our best day in and day out.  As a matter of fact he sees more and understand more the depravity and selfishness that we are capable of.  Yet somehow He looks on us with love and tenderness. Perhaps I can stop being so hard on myself for my (many) failings and   remember that we are super-hero princesses (and princes too!).


  1. Awe...too sweet. This post was encouraging. :)

  2. That is so beautiful! From the mouths of babes, I'm telling you!