Friday, June 1, 2012

Tip of the Day Blog Hop AKA Instagram Edition

I am in LOVE.  It started with our new baby...Ogglet #2.  She really is the cutest little chubster ever!  I decided it would be fun to edit and share some pictures of her and found my new addiction.  So I AM in LOVE with the Ogglet but, today I want to tell you about my other LOVE: Instagram!!  It's fun to quickly and easily edit your photos then share them with your friends and family.  You can even set Instagram so it will upload your photo to almost any other social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Don't tell anyone but, I think I like it better than Facebook...

New in the thoughtful friend Kristen took these first two 
(and more with her IPhone then sent them to me).  Isn't she sweet?

The above pictures are the first instagram pictures I ever did and I still love them.  Just a really important moment in our lives. It was so fun and ridiculously easy that I just had to do more!  

Like this....

And this.

Then DrOgg told me about an app called Nostalgio and I was like, "What!?!  I can make photo collages on my Iphone? Sign me up!"  

So then Istarted making stuff like this to share on to see her cuteness in 4D! 

...and these partners in crime..

I got Nostalgio for free because DrOgg subscribes to a free app service but, I think it's worth the 1.99 or whatever it costs.  There are also some similar free apps out there that I'm sure I will be trying soon...

Of course my most recent obsession is a free app called Phonto I use that allows me to add text to any pictures or even a plain colored background.  Oooooh is it fun!  Now I finally know a way I can make cool picutures like the other bloggers. Can you tell I was having fun with this?

My big girl playing in her beloved sandbox.

Cute couple at a state park near our home.

  What could possibly be more fun than Instagram?!  Adding text then posting your pictures to Instagram!  So maybe all this is old news to you and you've now decided I'm a total dork.  That is fine because there is more to this post.  Another thing you probably already know all about are hashtags.  I've noticed people using them on twitter, for example, and they are also used on Instagram.  So, I decided to do the easiest blog hop ever.  I feel like a lot of times I do something goofy that would be perfect for a tip of the day post but, don't write it down (so I can actually remember it) or even have the time to really write a post.  So after learning about hashtags and seeing how people link together photos I thought this could be a fun way to share our experiences.  So if you want to participate first you must sign up for instagram  if you don't already use it.  Then share your tip.  Now this can be a goofy tip like my first one below or, it can be serious like real advice, or practical like a trick for cleaning that you've come up with.  And that's what I love about this, you can choose your own topic and post it any day of the week or month whenever you come up with an idea or something strikes you to share.  I will be checking in periodically and post a follow up to show what you have posted (and I hope you do!)  Also, my one rule is I ask that you please keep it PG13 and that you take the time to use an app like Phonto or program to add your tip text directly to your photograph.  And of course don't forget to add #mytipoftheday to the subject and of course your blog url though you don't need to have a blog to participate! If for some reason you can't or won't sign up for instagram but, want to participate please post your picture to your blog and leave me a comment so I can include you.

So, just wanted to say thank you to the ten (woohoo!) of you who are here and have stuck with me in spite of the fact that I haven't posted in a few months.  As you can tell I've been way too busy snapping pics of our newest addition.  But, I have lots of ideas stored up and will be posting some new recipes too.  I really hope all of you participate in my "instagram blog hop" and get to know each other.  Though I only have a few followers there are some really great blogs represented in that group so let's start hoppin'!

PS Thanks to Brooke who first told me about Instagram...I am totally addicted!


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    1. Right back at you...actually if I can be half as funny as you I think that would be pretty awesome. I am so happy for you guys with your new addition coming. And I can't believe you and Brooke...supermoms! BTW I know you don't instagram a lot but, I would LOVE it if you did even one tip of the day so I won't be all on my lonesome on the hash tag link-up. haha