Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free Advice Friday on Salvage Savvy: I WON!!

Ok, so maybe saying I won is an exaggeration to y'all but, to me I feel like I just won a super sweet prize!  Honestly, it felt a little like Christmas to me.  About three weeks ago I rearranged our bedroom  to let in more light and as a result was inspired to redo the whole room.  It was not bad just, really dark. Anywho, after FINALLY finding a pair of the right sized dressers to use as end tables in our bedroom within my budget ($50 for the pair) I was more ready than ever to redo the room.  These are the dressers that started it all:

There were a couple of problems of course, 1.) a super limited budget and 2.) I had tons of ideas but, wasn't quite sure how to bring them all together.  As luck would have it I had recently discovered a really cool blog via Apartment Therapy called Salvage Savvy where the author, Connie, gives free decorating advice every other Friday.  I decided to send in some pictures and hope for the best.  After two weeks of anticipation (and of course coming up with other ideas what to do in the room) I was worried I might not agree with the advice or something.....Idk...silly.  So, this morning with a little spare time before I have to start getting ready for Ogglette's 2nd birthday party I got my coffee and sat down to read the blog post.  It was great!  She totally gave me so many great ideas and all of it made so much sense as far as tying the room together.  I can't wait to implement the ideas and am VERY excited she suggested turquoise on the craigslist dressers for the bedside.  Yay for color!!  So go to Connie's blog and read her post about our master bedroom but, don't stop there, she has so many great posts with excellent advice, humor, and amazing diy ideas that you WILL want to try.

Free Advice Friday featuring our room:

She has more on her blog than diy's but, they are pretty cool so here is a link to that, too:

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