Sunday, May 22, 2011

Patio is Coming Along!

In preperation for summer and also for Rob's graduation party this coming weekend I have been in a hurry to get the patio ready. I have dreamed of it being a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space. Perfect for long conversations or just reading your book in silence. It is finally becoming a place of relaxation for me now that my hubby and dad put up a fence to block the one place in our yard that was not fenced in. Babies and doggies can now run free!!

Rob digging post holes. Luckily only two were needed because of the patio's setup/location.

The first piece of fence goes up! (Hanging was the easy part...all the scraping and painting and other work leading up to this took hours)

Painting the patio supports a bright white really made a huge difference.

Finally, some finishing touches....

The plan is to do even more rehab of the wooden patio furniture. I just bought this long green glider for $30 on craigslist but it definitely needs repainted eventually. I think we need to raise some funds first before I do any more improvements but, I will post more pics when it's done. And I will tell you how to make these unique FREE pillows for your home!
Special Thanks: To my aunt who gave us her the picket fence pieces, to my dad who donated the other matierials necessary to get this fence up and also his time and know-how, and to my hubby who went ahead and did it on my time-table. It makes me smile everytime I see our beautiful fence (and I've been looking out at it a lot! :-)

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