Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working My Way Back to You...Erie (Part 2)

Wow! I can't believe we've already been here for only 6 weeks! Maybe it's because we already know the area or maybe it's because we already have friends here but, it just seems like we've been here for months. Of course we love all the extra space we have in our new house but, we sure have filled it up with no problem. The only additional furniture I've acquired are 4 dining sized rattan chairs. Love them because of the style but, also because I purchased them for $10 each when The Thrifty Shopper was having a 50% off sale. The plan is to recover the cushions but, is on hold until I find the perfect fabric. Perhaps I will figure out how to add pictures to these posts and share some before and afters :-)
I was working obsessively to unpack the first month we were here and now have lost that momentum. The house is pretty good but, the office is about 60% unpacked...this is not good for my MK business and I really do need to make some extra $$ to get through these next few months until DrOgg's residency starts (June 28th!). Also, since I've weaned off Strattera my ADHD symptoms have come back in full force. As a result my housekeeping seems to have declined. I'm starting to notice some old piles creeping into our master bedroom and need to figure out a way to break through these old bad habits with out meds. One idea I'm trying right now utilizes a kitchen timer I found at The Christmas Tree Stores (words can't describe my newly discovered love for this superstore). The timer is cheery and yellow with a smiley face with the hope that it can make me feel better about doing tasks I'm not in the mood for. Basically, the idea is that by timing your activities to 45 minutes or less that it will help get you started because you can do almost anything for 15-45 min. Also, for someone like me with severe ADHD I think it will help keep me from wasting time. For example, when I intend to spend 15 minutes checking on some blogs and instead spend 2 hours. Instead I will limit myself like I am doing right now...25 minutes left!!! A side perk I didn't realize is that the timer is quite a bit louder than I expected so it gives a sense of urgency to the task as well. :-) Can I live my life like this? We will see. I know my natural bent is to balk at routine and time management even though I so desperately need it. I suppose "normal" people have an internal timer and/or ticking sound that helps them get things done in a timely manner. Maybe this is how they can actually get things done on schedule and not be 5-15 minutes late to absolutely everything. Must be nice.
Since the ADHD struggles are a separate issue I would say that all in all being back in Erie is good. It's been nice catching up with the girls that I used to spend time with before. And it's been fun meeting other moms in the new playgroup that the Ogglet and I have been going to. Also, we're enjoying watching an unbelievable number of flowers pop out of our new house's flower beds. I am so thankful to the previous owners for their apparent care and love for the outdoors. Hopefully soon the weather will clear so we can also enjoy the covered patio out back. Next, we can put up the picket fence to keep our doggies and babies in the yard...hang a porch swing...make some lemonade...I guess we've made it back.

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